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When friendship fails,
and blood turns deep,
will you be there?
be there for me?

When tears fall down,
and insults are shouted,
will you be there,
be there with me?

As my friend wages war,
with all on her side,
will you be there,
be there for me?

As the pots break,
and jars are broken,
will you be there to pick up the pieces?

Because the pots are my heart,
the jars being my emotions,
but will you still be there?
Be there to help me.

As thunder cracks,
we turn our own our tide,
please still be there
be there for me.

When our worlds split in two,
divided by hate,
will you stand there?
Stand there with me?

When the fight never ends,
and glory shan’t prevail,
will you still be there?
Crying for me?
I'm so amazed at how I wrote this (I don't remember...)
So, the poem 'Limbo' was my inspiration for this.

Hope you like it!
Dreamworld88 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2014  Student Writer
Isn't this the question we all ask ourselves whenever we are close to someone? Awesome poem.
Cookie-Fairy-Narnia Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2014  Student Writer
Thanks and I totally agree with you.
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